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Air Conditioners

Keep your home cool and comfortable regardless of the climate

It’s always easier to manage the cold by adding an extra layer of clothes; however, managing the heat can be a different story. Nexus has a proven solution to both excessive heat and excessive cold; homes across Nigeria can depend on our reliable and efficient selection of air conditioners. Comfort at home should never be a luxury, which is why we’ve taken the time and care to design and manufacture first-class air conditioning solutions. Contact us today to find out more about our air conditioners for sale.

Convenience meets quality

Fairly priced and available, we offer a host of different types of residential air conditioners. Each model has its own strengths and advantages. If you’re unsure whether you require a split system

air conditioning unit, an evaporative or reverse cycle unit, or a ducted reverse cycle split system, we’re available to give you the advice you need. With us, you can rest assured you’ll be getting the solution that’s suitable for your home and tailored to your specific needs.

The risks of excessive heat

Excessively hot temperatures can have a negative impact on mental performance in the form of dizziness and confusion. Prolonged exposure to excessive heat can also have a negative effect on physical activity. It is paramount that you take care of your health by ensuring your environment is suitable and comfortable.

Our specialist team of experts knows the risks you run by trying to endure extreme bouts of heat. We are on hand to help you select the best possible temperature control option for your home or office. Get in touch with our specialists today and we’ll assist you with all the information you need to make sure you stay healthy, cool, and comfortable at home.

Selecting an air conditioner


While our team is regularly available for consultation, there are some things that are important to take into consideration:

  • Energy efficiency

Air conditioning units are labeled with a corresponding EER (Energy Efficiency Rating). The higher the rating on the EER scale, the more efficient your air conditioner. A highly-rated air conditioner will save you money on your monthly electric bills and lower greenhouse emissions.

  • Room size and capacity

Do you know how big the room you’re hoping to heat or cool is? It’s a detail that’s easy to overlook but incredibly important. The air conditioner you purchase needs to be able to cater to that specific capacity, ensuring it works as efficiently as possible.

  • Aesthetics

This might seem like an unnecessary consideration but the look and feel of any room is an important contributor to its comfort. The design and appearance of your air conditioner should complement its surroundings and be aesthetically pleasing to its users.

Why buy an air conditioner from us?

  • Improved comfort regardless of the weather or climate
  • Enhances the quality of the air indoors – better health
  • Minimizes the risk of dehydration

Filters out external allergens like pollen and wards off parasites and insects

Contact us today and enjoy the comfort of your home no matter the climate.

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