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Keep your food farm fresh with our energy-efficient fridges

The kitchen is the hub of your home, and at the center of this hub lies the refrigerator. It, therefore, stands to reason that the decision to buy a fridge is one that you shouldn’t take lightly. We certainly don’t. We supply a quality line of fridges for sale across Nigeria. They are designed to keep all your perishables fresh and your drinks cool, even in the hottest conditions. Make sure to avoid the transport hassle by buying a fridge from us. 

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Fit more food with our stylish fridges

Our fridges are designed with functionality, comfort, and ease of use. Each model is engineered to maximize storage space yet take up the minimal amount of space in your kitchen. Our broad range of fridges for sale includes:

  • Side-by-side refrigerators
  • Bottom freezer
  • Top freezer
  • Compact
  • Bedside fridges

Making the right choice


There are some important factors besides the fridge price that need to be considered before purchasing your new fridge:

  • Aesthetics

It is impossible to ignore the appearance of an appliance, particularly for the style-conscious. With an ever-increasing variety of options, the look and feel of your fridge is an important consideration to make. Consider the rest of your kitchen and whether your new fridge will complement its surroundings.

  • Efficiency

Energy usage is a prime consideration for environmentally and budget-conscious. Side-by-side refrigerators rank highest when it comes to energy usage, whereas the most efficient orientation among fridge models is the bottom freezer variety. Top freezer refrigerators fall between the two as the moderate choice for energy usage.

  • Capacity

When it comes to fridges, capacity and space don’t necessarily equate to the same thing. Some designs lend themselves better to storage than others. This is because both the selection of available compartments and the orientation of the fridge will ultimately determine how much food can be stored.

  • Freezer stacking

A bottom freezer model allows you to stack food in the freezer compartment, without the concern for items falling out when the door is opened.

  • Accessibility

Most of us frequent the fridge regularly, making accessibility to foods a prime consideration. If you have any physical mobility challenges, you’ll want to purchase a fridge that allows for easy access.

  • Easy cleaning

The conveniently manufactured detachable fridge shelves featured in some of our premium appliances make cleaning an easy and effortless task.

Nexus maintains a healthy stock of premier refrigerators for sale at a fair price. Browse our range today and complete the hub of your home with one of our fridges.

Depend on a supplier you can trust and buy our quality fridges today.

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